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Remuneration System For O’meara Company †

Question: Discuss about the Remuneration System For Omeara Company 616684. Answer: Case Background OMeara is an Australian based multinational company that has been operating in the general electronics market for more than 20 years. It was not more than 10 years ago when the company started expanding its operations in certain parts of South-East Asia and also in Germany. The company employs electronic engineers and electronic technicians who design different electronic equipment in the factories, most of which are semi-automated. The company has different operational units, such as research and development, production, storage and dispatch, human resources, marketing, etc. The company has an estimated workforce of 1000 employees while in Melbourne, there are a total of 250 employees. In one of the meetings, that took place in August 2016, the president of the company David OMeara, talked about the declining performance and market position of the company. He also stressed upon the need to bring about changes in the companys existing remuneration and performance management strategies. OMeara suggested that he would like the human resource management department of the company to redesign its remuneration and performance management strategies for the Melbourne office and later on extend it to all the other offices located in different countries. To meet these objectives, the company also decided that they would appoint a new human resource consultant for a contract period of six months. Therefore, in this report, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the existing remuneration system in the OMeara Electronic company and device a new system instead of the older one. Remuneration Systems Remuneration, in simple words, defines the way in which the employees of a company are paid or on what basis are their salaries define. Remuneration is often confused with pay and salaries but in a broader context, it also covers the benefits or bonuses that are paid to the employees of a company under the employment contract. Therefore, a remuneration system is a set of guidelines that help a company in deciding the way and the factors on which the salary and bonus of its employees would depend. Remuneration systems can have a great impact on the long term success and performance of a company and every company can have a different remuneration system. Some companies can even use a mixture of remuneration systems to become more competitive and to keep the workforce motivated. Some of the common remuneration systems observed in the present day are job-based pay and knowledge based pay systems (D.Ittner, F.Larcker, Pizzinic, 2007). Job-Based Pay in a job-based pay system, all jobs in an organisation are slotted into salary schedules. All job positions are assigned a pay scale on the basis of the roles and responsibilities that one will have to fulfil in a particular job role while the variance in pay is based on the qualification of the employee or seniority (Shields Dolle-Samuel, 2015). Person-Based pay It is another common system of remuneration where the employees are paid in accordance with their knowledge, competencies and skills instead of their position in the organisational hierarchy. This type of system is also known as skill based pay structure, competency based pay structure or knowledge based pay structure (Devers, Cannella, Reilly, 2007). OMeara Electronics Companys Remuneration System OMeara Electronics company has identified certain issues with its remuneration system, which was pointed out by the President of the company in a meeting. Sarah Jones, the director of human resource management at OMeara, also pointed out in a meeting that the company has been using a position-based remuneration system whereas the company needs to shift to a person based system in order to meet its performance objectives. In successive meetings, it was also discovered that the companys performance management system is inefficient in achieving the desired objectives, which was a prime reason for employee dissatisfaction and reducing productivity. In order to design a new remuneration system for OMeara Electronics, it is first of all necessary to talk about the issues that are pertaining within its current system. Some of these issues are discussed below: First of all, at OMeara Electronics, organisational performance is just about the customers and the number of contracts while individual performance levels are completely neglected by the management of the company. Further, the individual performance is nowhere linked with the organisational performance, which makes it difficult for the employees to actually realise the roles that they are playing towards the achievement of organisational goals and objectives (Calvin, 2017). The lack of a proper performance management system has made it difficult for the company to actually identify the areas where it lacks competitiveness, which is ultimately having a negative position on the market position of the company (Cadsby, Song, Tapon, 2007). Secondly, the company has not introduced any changes in its human resource management policies, specifically performance management policies and remuneration systems since the very beginning. The staff has developed a comfort zone of its own and will offer resistance to any kind of a change that would interrupt their routine (Bach, 2015). The staff has no clear idea about what a performance management system is and how it can be beneficial for the employer as well as for themselves. Some of the employees in OMeara Electronics reacted in a very negative manner when the leaders talked about bringing about changes in the performance management system of the company. Thirdly, being totally dependent on a position based system of remuneration has not proven to be much beneficial for the company. In the present day scenario, the business world is rapidly changing and a greater priority is being given to the skills and knowledge of an employee rather than the position that he or she holds in an organisation (Colvina Boswellb, 2007). Following a position based approach of remuneration results in increased discrepancies and it becomes difficult to keep the employees motivated and engaged in their jobs because of the lack of decent incentives and career development opportunities. (Boeri, Lucifora, Murphy, 2013). Such issues can have a great deal of impact on the human resources of a company and can bring down the performance and productivity levels of an organisation on the whole. Therefore, David OMeara has taken a correct decision to revise the remuneration system as well as the performance management system of the company so that the company can regain its market position and can also implement the same policies in its foreign subsidiaries. Designing A Remuneration System for OMeara Electronics The business world is rapidly changing and so are the internal and external environmental factors, which are forcing business organisations throughout the world to introduce changes in their work practices and operations, in order to remain competitive and outperform their competitors. In such a condition, OMeara Electronics, which is a multinational firm, has shaped its remuneration system on a traditional approach since the time when the company was founded. As a result, its productivity has declined and it has become crucial to introduce certain changes in its performance management system and remuneration system. Following are some of the points that would act as guidelines for the human resource management of the company in designing a new remuneration system for the employees: Shifting to a new remuneration system The existing system of remuneration in the company has not proven its worth in the long run because of which, the company is becoming less productive and is also losing its market share. As a result, the management of the company needs to make a gradual shift from position based remuneration system to a person based remuneration system, where the salary and the bonus for a job position will be decided by considering the knowledge and skills of a person rather than his or her position (Paik, Parboteeah, Shim, 2007). A person based remuneration system will be helpful to the company in a number of ways. First of all, when the employees will receive a remuneration that will be dependent on the level of their skills and capabilities, they would feel the need of developing themselves in order to achieve their needs (Kessler, 2005). The work environment would become more competitive and every employee would try to polish his or her own skills and know ledge. In a research carried out by Murray and Gerhart, it was found that even if there is a slight increase in the hourly wages of the employees under a person based remuneration system, the quality of the final product is considerably high and the overall labour costs also decreases in the longer run (Murray Gerhart, 1998). Secondly, an increase in the skills and knowledge of the entire workforce will definitely bring about a great increase in the companys overall competitiveness and efficiency. With better products and reduced labour prices, the company will be able to tap a greater market share and increase its profitability. Thirdly, having a person based remuneration system will help the company in strengthening its human resource policies and market statistics as an employer. Fresh talent in the market will obviously be inclined towards working with a company that provides a greater value to the skills and knowledge of an employee rather than the position that he or she holds in com pany (Chung, Steenburgh, Sudhir, 2013). Furthermore, it will also assist the company in retaining its talented pool of employees as a person based remuneration system will keep them motivated and engaged in their jobs. Ultimately, the company will emerge as an employer of choice in the market while it will also be able to dominate its competitors in terms of profitability, product quality and customer satisfaction (Eldridge Palmer, 2009). A major point to be considered in a person based remuneration system is that sometimes it can have a negative impact on the workplace environment. Some people are of the belief that if an employee is not paid adequately for demonstrating poor performance than a star performer should have a scope of becoming rich because of his abilities. A person based remuneration system can also cause conflicts among colleagues and co-workers as they might feel demotivated if a person performing similar tasks is being paid higher than them (Barnes, Reb, Ang, 2012). To avoid such a scenario, the management at OMeara Electronics can implement a combination of two remuneration systems. The management can fix a basic wage for different job positions and can offer them incentives, bonus and promotion opportunities on the basis of their skills and knowledge (Burnett, Cushing, Bivona, 2012). Such a system can prove to be the best of both worlds as it will help the company in enjoying the benefits of a p erson based remuneration system while also dealing with the issues that come with it. Conclusion OMeara Electronics has been a tough competitor in the market since its foundation. Its ability to expand into international markets and to continue on its path to success solely depends on its ability to introduce changes in its remuneration system and link them with performance management. The company has failed to change with the changing market trends and is still following a position based remuneration approach, which is a traditional approach and is not much effective in motivating and engaging the employees. The human resource management of the company can look into the above recommendations and can design a system that can use the best of a position based remuneration system as well as a person based remuneration system, which will not only help in keeping the employees engaged and motivated, but also in increasing the overall productivity of the organisation and making it more profitable in the longer run. Furthermore, the ability of the remuneration system to strengthen the performance management system of the company can also foster a competitive work environment in the workplace, which would ultimately beneficial for the company as well as for the employees. Thus, this is a necessary change that the company needs to implement as soon as it can. References Murray, B., Gerhart, B. (1998, February). An Empirical Analysis of a Skill-Based Pay Program and Plant Performance Outcomes. The Academy of Management Journal, 41(1), 68-78. Calvin, O. Y. (2017, March). The Impact of Remuneration on Employees' Performance : A Study of Abdul Gusau Polytechnic, Talata-Mafara and State College of Education Maru, Zamfara State . Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, 4(2). Boeri, T., Lucifora, C., Murphy, K. J. (Eds.). (2013). Executive Remuneration and Employee Performance-Related Pay: A Transatlantic Perspecive. UK: MPG Printgroup. Kessler, I. (2005). Remuneration Systems. In S. Bach, Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition (4 ed.). Blackwell Publishing. Bach, S. (2015). Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition (Vol. 4). Blackwell Publishing. Colvina, A. J., Boswellb, W. R. (2007, January 25). The problem of action and interest alignment: Beyond job requirements and incentive compensation . Human Resource Management Review . Chung, D. J., Steenburgh, T., Sudhir, K. (2013, November 7). Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans . 33(2), 165-187. Barnes, C. M., Reb, J., Ang, D. (2012, May). More than just the mean: Moving to a dynamic view of performance-based compensation. . Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(3), 711-718. Paik, Y., Parboteeah, K. P., Shim, W. (2007, October 19). The relationship between perceived compensation, organizational commitment and job satisfaction: the case of Mexican workers in the Korean Maquiladoras . The International Journal of Human Resource Management , 18(10), 1768-1781. Devers, C. E., Cannella, A. A., Reilly, G. P. (2007, December 1). Executive Compensation: A Multidisciplinary Review of Recent Developments . Journal of Management . D.Ittner, C., F.Larcker, D., Pizzinic, M. (2007, December). Journal of Accounting and Economics . Performance-based compensation in member-owned firms: An examination of medical group practices? , 44(3), 300-327. Burnett, A., Cushing, E., Bivona, L. (2012, March). Uses of Multiple Measures for Performance-Based Compensation . Eldridge, C., Palmer, N. (2009, May). Performance-based payment: some reflections on the discourse, evidence and unanswered questions . Health Policy and Planning, 24(3), 160-166. Cadsby, C. B., Song, F., Tapon, F. (2007, April 1). Sorting and Incentive Effects of Pay for Performance: An Experimental Investigation . Academy of Management, 50(2), 387-405. Shields, J., Dolle-Samuel, C. (2015). Developing position based base pay systems. In J. Shields, M. Brown, S. Kaine, C. Dolle-Samuel, A. North-Samardzic, P. McLean, . . . G. Plimmer, Managing Employee Performance Reward: Concepts, Practices, Strategies (p. 180).

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Rap Music Artist free essay sample

DRP. Watkins points out, that the fact Of us and others being embarked with these negative images of the young Black Male in the mass media, appears to be taking a heavy toll in terms of the self-image of far too many young Black people and in the way these young people are perceived in the minds of the country, even the world, at large. DRP. Tyson on the other hand is quite right when he points out that Hip Hop is not the only source of this negativity. He also points out that much of this negativity began before the advent of Hip Hop. I personally find that the two men basically compliment one anothers view points to the extent that it feels more like a conversation than a debate. Anyway, both of the good Professors bring forth many important points and underline out many of the problems we are facing. We will write a custom essay sample on Rap Music Artist or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Most of the points they bring out though, are not new to many of us, while they may be informative to some of the white students at Brown University. Our task at hand now, as before, is to come up with the solutions to these problems and nip in the bud, any further loss of the members of any of our future generations of young Black Americans.America has never and never could have existed without the African American contribution and it never will be able to. That goes for economic, military, cultural, moral and virtual realms alike. The sooner we all, understand and operate from this premise the sooner well be able to make this a place that works for everyone here. I believe that certain rappers should take more responsibility for their controversial lyrics because what they say does influence the young people of the world in many different ways. In my paper I would like to use Tuba Muar Shaker for example.Tuba Muar Shaker, also known by his stage names OPAC and briefly as Machiavelli, was an American rapper and actor. Shaker has sold over 75 million albums worldwide as of 2010, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Most of Tubas songs are about growing up in violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, other social problems and conflicts with other rappers during the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. Tuba became quite a sensation, earning praise for his musical and acting talent as well as condemnation for his explicit, violent lyrics.Tubas music shows that he was into violence and the typical gangster lifestyle. Tuba Shaker was next to join Death Row Records after Executive Producer Sue Knight paid $1. 4 million to bail him out of a New York prison the mid-ass. Immediately he got in the middle of an ongoing conflict between Death Row and the east-coast based Bad Boy record label. His track titled Erne Up was produced as a simple statement from Tuba and Death Row to Bad Boy. Before this release, Tuba was shot with five bullets and blamed the shooting on Bad Boy. Lyrics read: Killing anti fair but somebody got to do it.. .Youd better back the buck up before you get smacked the buck up This I: how we do it on our side. Any of you innings from New York that want to BRI it, bring it. Butte anti singing we bringing drama. Buck you and your monotheistic mama. We goanna kill all you mother bucks Well this is how we Anna do this Puck bad boy as a staff, record label, and as a monotheistic crew. And if you wand be down with Bad Boy, then buck you too. All of you all motherless buck you, die slow motherhoods. My 44 makes sure all your all kids dont grow West side till we die. ..Buck me we Bad Boy killing. This song would make a young person think it is okay to have gang violence order to receive respect from the people you want respect from. Instead of promoting gang violence he could have told them it wasnt worth it. With the guidance of Sue Knight he was promoting the opposite of keeping the peat The Executive Producer of Death Row Records was Sue Knight. Originally from the streets of Southern California, Knight believed that success stemmed from approval from within. Considering his home as the ghetto, Knight stated: The success comes from the streets.Before you can cross over and go to pop, the ghetto got to accept you first. Then you get kids in Catch saying everybody in Compton, Long Beach, and Watts is playing this an dancing to this. This is all right. So you goat go with the ghetto first, period (CTD. In MAT Productions). Knights goal was to portray gangster life in the heath as the standard of life everywhere. He wanted to make everyone believe that the hard-core gangsters in Southern California have a good time listening, watching, and living this way, so we can too if we listen to the music and act like the stars in the music videos.However, music videos are not reality and the images of guns, sex, and violence that they contain do NC lead to moral lives. When actions like the ones portrayed in the music and IR the videos are carried out, there are huge consequences. On the other hand another song of Tuba Shakers showed a very different side of him and his music. The song was called Dear Mama dedicated to his mother Affine Shaker, and basically to all mothers around the world. Tubas song Dear Mama was released as the first single for his solo album Me against the World.It was quickly regarded as one of Tubas best works and one of the best rap songs ever. Dear Mama has such emotional range beyond the genre that it was actually chosen to be preserved in the U. S. Library of Congress in 2009. Dear Mama stands out as an example of Tubas true artistry and willingness to address emotional issues that helps him stand out. Although Tubas career was tragically brief and wrought with controversy guarding his gangs rap image, he has become recognized as one of the greatest lyricists to ever rap and example of the genres potential. Dear Mama was gritty and unflinching in its portrayal of Tubas mother and her flaws, but it also recognized the difficulty of being a young single mother in her position. The song is especially unique because it places Tuba outside of the typical rapper image and exposes his vulnerability as a son. Dear Mama shows Tubas emotional range and speaks to sons and mothers everywhere. One moment this artist can talk about We bad boy killing and the next he wows appreciation to all mothers around the world.So do think this artist should take more responsibility with his music? Yes, I do, because I feel as though if you are going to promote sex, gang violence, and killing you cant turn around and promote respect for mothers over the world. As a famous rapper that people actually love, people will take what he says very seriously and think its cool to do. Then they will go because he said he appreciates his mother theyll say l appreciate my mother and dedicate Dear Mama to he. Artist should be very careful as to what they say and how they say it, or dont ay it at all.The reason as to why Tuba can be so different on two songs is because, the songs that Tuba wrote were primarily the way he felt about something going on in his life that had happened, or was happening. This artist was someone who would tell the truth and nothing but the truth and exactly how it was to the public eye. He wasnt afraid to speak his mind and how he felt You have a right to express your feelings as a human being. I think it is very important that people express themselves instead of holding everything inside. Music was genuinely Tubas way of self-expression.

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Letter by Lin Tse

Introduction The letter by Lin Tse- hsu of China to Queen Victoria of Britain was written just before the Opium wars. This book, together with the works of other people, helps us a lot in understanding what happened. Many scholars have given their views regarding a letter to Queen Victoria of Britain by Lin Tse- hsu (Waley, 1958).Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Letter by Lin Tse- Hsu specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The argument degenerates from whether the war was purposeful to Britain. Others note that it was the unexpected impact of industrialization while others believe that resulted to a war of disgrace to Britain. It is generally acceptable to say that the oldest empire and the most aggressive plain of the ninetieth century went into war. The latter of course emerged victorious. The Author The text is a letter written by Lin Tse- Hsu. He was commonly referred to as Commissioner Li. He was the Ch inese commissioner to Canton, who was promised promotion as a governor if China emerged victorious. Other sources indicate that he was actually the governor of Hope and Hunan. This was during the reigns of Qing Emperor Tao Kuang of Manchu Empire of China. The author had just gained popularity, but in some way, the war that was later named the Opium war led to both his temporary rise and eventual down fall. Some sources even indicate that he wrote an article while on his way to exile expressing his frustrations, but again insisting that there was no alternative option to evade the war. The central Argument The letter points out issues that were of great consequence to the international system at the time. To begin with, the letter was diplomatic due to the level of diplomacy that the Chinese empire had exhibited then. During Tao Kuang’s reign, opium importation to China by British and Dutch Merchants had reached its apex. The larger tea trade between the political leaders of t hese countries occasioned this trend. It had created a class of addicts and had therefore become a social problem. This had spread widely such that other sources indicate the Qing lost his mind due to over dosage At this level, the matter takes national importance. The authorities therefore discussed the necessary courses of actions. The text even says that Qing considered it his duty to protect his subjects. The letter stated that the British undertook some actions that made it a criminal offence to smoke opium. Other sources indicate that Qing brought up the matter discussion. There are those who proposed that it had to be legalized.Advertising Looking for critical writing on asian? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They argued that its sell had to be permitted, but had to be controlled. The usage had to be controlled and the empire had to obtain taxes. Those opposed to it stood on moral grounds that if allowed to circulate, t he empire would end up without a population (Ssuyu, Fairbank, 1954). Lin Tse-Hsu led this group. He further argued that the empire would have a weak army for there would be no people fit enough to serve in the discipline forces. His confidence and the death of his son convinced Qing to oppose legalization. He was then tasked with the responsibility of putting to an end what had become a national disaster. It actually does not make sense to criminalize smoking of opium in Britain but allow its people to trade in the same internationally. Britain forced the Chinese empire to legalize it after the war. Correlation The article relates to global industrialization and imperialism. Other sources indicate that the letter was send to the Queen through a British friend of Li. The British Empire was on the rise and very aggressive. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of unequal economic power based on subordination. It is therefore easy to say the letter was delivered to the generals of the British army. The Britons also wanted to dominate economically. The military strength of the British could not be compared to that of the Chinese. Whereas the British had sophisticated artillery, the Chinese army was untrained, amorphous, and lacked clear command. The difference in technological innovation also played a role References Ssuyu T., Fairbank, J. (1954). Cambridge China’s response to the West, Harvard: Harvard University press. Waley, A. (1958). The Opium War through Chinese Eyes. Stanford: Stanford University Press. This critical writing on Letter by Lin Tse- Hsu was written and submitted by user East0n to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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3 Common Errors When Using Numbers

3 Common Errors When Using Numbers 3 Common Errors When Using Numbers 3 Common Errors When Using Numbers By Mark Nichol References to numbers, spelled out or in numeral form, often include erroneous use of hyphens or dashes, as shown in the following examples. Errors are explained and corrected in the discussion and revision that follows each sentence. 1. The US men’s basketball team won seven Olympic gold medals between 1936–68. A dash (not a hyphen) that connects two numbers to represent a range functions as a replacement for from and to, so do not include from before a number range separated by a dash. Between, likewise, should not be paired with a number range, but in this case, retain the word, pairing it with and in place of the dash: â€Å"The US men’s basketball team won seven Olympic gold medals between 1936 and 1968.† (â€Å"The US men’s basketball team won seven Olympic gold medals 1936–68† is not syntactically valid.) 2. Fourteen and fifteen-year-old kids are easily impressionable. When two hyphenated phrasal adjectives are identical except for the first term, the rest of the first phrasal adjective after that term can be elided, with the implication that the balance of the second phrasal adjective serves both of the initial words. However, to signal this sharing, retain the hyphen after the first element: â€Å"Fourteen- and fifteen-year-old kids are easily impressionable.† (Otherwise, the implication is that fourteen kids are easily impressionable, and so are fifteen-year-old kids.) 3. The rockslide occurred when a massive slab measuring fifty-by-eighty-by-fifteen feet broke off from a sheer cliff and went flying down the mountain. When a phrase consisting of two or more numbers separated by by describes the surface area or volume of an object, omit hyphens unless the entire phrase modifies a noun: â€Å"The rockslide occurred when a massive slab measuring fifty by eighty by fifteen feet broke off from a sheer cliff and went flying down the mountain.† (Compare â€Å"The fifty-by-eighty-by-fifteen-foot slab broke off from a sheer cliff and went flying down the mountain.†) The same rule applies when numerals represent the numbers. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Redundant Phrases to AvoidDriver License vs. Driver’s LicenseWhat Is a Doctor?

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Katrina Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Katrina - Research Paper Example ring information; holding rehearsals, simulations, and drills; training campaigns; engaging citizens; creating non emergency agencies; as well as changing laws and updating resources† (152). The findings of Quarantelli also deserve special attention as his observations clearly show how communities, organizations and individuals may respond to disaster preparedness. The paper also throws light on the lessons that Hurricane Katrina bring to the Federal disaster preparedness plans. It is worthwhile to analyze Quarantelli’s findings on how individuals would respond to disaster preparedness. He holds that even though â€Å"individuals tend to have little interest in disaster preparedness in advance of disasters† they tend to help each other once disasters occur; similarly, individuals are likely to respond rationally to any serious ‘explicit warnings of impending hazards’ (Brunschot and Kennedy 151). It is thus evident that individuals actively take part in initial search and rescue efforts after a disaster occurs. However, evacuation seems to be problematic in many cases where people are uncertain about the safety of their loved ones. Similarly, Quarantelli’s findings about community preparedness are also noteworthy. He observes that even though mass media and reporting of disasters have considerably increased community-level mitigation plans â€Å"preparedness at the community level is often uneven and problematic† (Brunschot and Kennedy 151). Quarantelli also points out that there is a lack of coordination of various agencies at the community level preparedness. He also pinpoints how community issues such as poverty still haunt the victims in the aftermath of disasters which make their conditions worse. His findings also show how unprepared and unplanned are most organizations towards disaster mitigation plans. In fact, none of the findings of Quarantelli seems to be surprising as they go in tune with the recent disaster management experience of the

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Reflective Response on Gioconda Belli and Slavenka Drakulic books Essay

Reflective Response on Gioconda Belli and Slavenka Drakulic books - Essay Example Belli grew up in a high class Nicaraguan family and her entire family was very unsympathetic towards the Somoza dictatorship that reigned at the time, in Nicaragua. She was a political activist and was against the views of her family because right from a young age, she established a position for herself in the Sandinista Party and joined the revolutionary government. At the family front however, in order to not disturb the minds of her parents and close knit family members, she kept her bourgeoisie job at a lush advertising company. The story follows as she becomes a very immediate part of the totalitarian regime and upheaval taking place in her country. It is an account of a political as well as personal encounter with the realities that the revolution presents forth. She finds herself disagreeing to a number of things her family want her do, and soon is not able to take control of her heart because of a need to liberate it and set herself free from the active militant she had becom e. On the other hand, Drakulic wrote a nonfiction piece about the various ramifications of various social and political conflicts taking place in East of Europe. She has written an account of how the failure of Communism resulted in a failure to meet the needs of women belonging to several countries like Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Germany, with the help of primary information in the form of interviews that she took with women belonging to these countries. (The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War) She has written the narrative in the form of an essay, explaining the impact of the political strata of society on women and feminism in general. She has made references and given examples as to how women were subject to oppression and were treated terribly during the time, for example, how they were forced to live under a careless government that refused to supply them with basic necessities including toilet paper and even tampons. Thus, Drakulic is different from Bel li in this aspect as she did not experience the totalitarian regime taking place in Europe on her own, but through the eyes of various other women living in different countries across Europe. At the same time, Belli was able to give a very personal and first hand stance as to the experiences she had and the times she went through under the totalitarian regime that reigned in Nicaragua during the course of her growing up. Belli lived under a right wing totalitarian regime by becoming a part of the government whereas Drakulic was completely against the Communist regime and tried her best to make an attempt and resist it. Belli managed to smuggle weapons, run roadblocks, and also form legions with various revolutionists. She writes about how she made arguments with Castro and his regime, and contributed to representations at Third World conferences in order to liberate Nicaragua. She was thus a true insider and has been able to provide an honest opinion from the view of a woman of that time. On the other hand, Drakulic criticized the Communist empire and helped women liberate themselves in order to achieve a level of empowerment. She has tried to point out the inadequacies of the government in power and how they thought they were radical, but in reality, they were far from reaching that stage. She has tried to express through her writing, how women were looked down upon and forced to undertake steps

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On-site water Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

On-site water - Assignment Example In context of developing and underdeveloped nations it is often seen that public supply of water is impaired by structural problems emerging within the social fabric. In order to rectify such malfunctioning in water distribution system that the governance of a host of public resources has been transferred to the hands of the private sector. The public resources transferred to private hands also stands for the transfer of water resources. Water Resources though are economic goods also have social values. In the light of changing environment and population growth water resources needs not only to be properly managed but also to be effectively organized for bettering up of life standards. (Ocal & Dogan, n.d.) To understand the problems arising from the mismanagement of water resources the paper tries to focus on water distribution and supply management in context of developing economies like India. The Indian economy has the potential to be an agrarian economy. In the last few decades the development of agriculture has helped to make India self sufficient in terms of food grains. The development of agriculture in the country can mostly be attributed to the development of irrigation activities. Public demand for water is not only restricted to agricultural activities. Rather, it is observed that the demand for water in non-agricultural framework is increasing rapidly. The water-laden regions of India can be categorized into 19 essential drainage basins, according to their per capita water supply. The demand for water also is seen varying by the side of these riverbeds. A statistics reveal that the valley of river Indus and Ganga share 48 percent of the total population of India. The water drawn from these sources is mainly used for agricultural purposes. (Amarasinghe, N.D., p. 6). It is in this light that the paper tends to highlight on points like the trends of water usage, demand for